Four Restless Narratives: Convener Reflections on Social Learning Communities at an Australian University


  • Alison Owens Australian Catholic University Author
  • Bhavani Sridharan Australian Catholic University Author
  • Adam Burston Australian Catholic University Author
  • Laurine Hurley Australian Catholic University Author


social learning, community of practice, higher education


Four stories of social learning from one Australian university reflect on communities of practice (CoPs) focused on different aspects of quality in teaching and learning. Each convener writes about their CoP convening experience in the context of Wenger-Trayner and Wenger-Trayner’s mapping of the “mindset of a systems convener” (2021, pp. 81-82): a restlessness to make a difference, a social landscape perspective, a commitment to identity work, and a social learning approach. A concluding discussion considers how these CoPs are able to influence academic development and student learning and how these narratives both evidence and inform the convener mindset model.