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Institutional Pricing

An institutional site license provides electronic access to all issues of the selected journal(s) for your entire campus for just pennies a day per user. With a site license users can browse articles by issue and search article abstracts.

  • Tier A - institutions with 0-1500 users $299 USD per year
  • Tier B - institutions with 1501-3000 users $389 USD per year
  • Tier C - institutions with 3001-4500 users $499 USD per year
  • Tier D - institutions with 4501-6000 users $600 USD per year
  • Tier E - institutions with 6001 or more users $800 USD per year

For our purposes, authorized users are described as any faculty member (full- and part-time), registered graduate students, registered doctoral students, and registered post-doctoral students. These numbers should not include undergraduate students.

Individual Pricing

  • $129 USD per year

Discounts are available for two- or three-year subscriptions. Two years is 10% off. Three years is 15% off.