A Course Redesign Program Highlighting Faculty Identity as the Key to Pedagogical Reform


  • Stephanie Laggini Fiore Author
  • Benjamin Brock Author
  • William V. Pilny Author


faculty development, course redesign, role-identity


Educational developers can help construct a more so- cially-just society by promoting equitable learning within higher education (Bass, 2020; Dawson et al., 2010). In this light, The Student Oriented Active Redesign (SOAR) Project sought to proactively catalyze pedagogical and curricular change in high-failure courses. While most participating courses saw reductions in student failure/withdrawal, data indicate that the model should evolve its scope to integrate instructor-related sense-of-self, which mediates course reform efforts. Addressing the understudied tension between faculty professional identity and pedagogical change (Brownell & Tanner, 2012) may improve students’ academic success and retention and, thus, create a more equitable society.